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Bosch Mondeville :
business unit EMS

Your international partner

Bosch Mondeville is a key player on the electronic manufacturing services market
in France and has an international footprint. Four EMS production plants
make up our manufacturing network: Bosch Celaya, Bosch Bangalore, Bosch Cluj and Bosch Mondeville.
Bosch Mondeville is the headquarters of this new Bosch entity and ensures the design activities,
manufacturing and support services for our local for local offer.

Our plant meets the manufacturing needs of SMEs by accelerating their scale up,
as well as those of mid-size companies and larger groups. Thanks to a successfully digitized manufacturing tool and the know-how of the Bosch group spreaded over 4 international EMS production sites, we support our customers from small to large series in the automotive, industrial, health and aerospace sectors but also in high-end electronics.

A single point of contact, the program manager, coordinates and manages international projects
from Mondeville and guarantees simple project management for our local partners.

Bosch Mondeville :
headquarters of the EMS business unit

A site praised for its performance ...

The industrial excellence of our site has been recognized with prestigious awards such as the “Factory of the Year trophy” by Usine Nouvelle in May 2017, the IoT Manufacturing Leadership award by Frost & Sullivant in June 2018 and the Best Supplier title by PSA in September 2018.

. and an exemple within the group

Manage your project

Because your satisfaction and the achievement of your goals constitute the heart of our activity, we have designed our organization so that your voice is heard by each of our employees. During our entire collaboration, you are supported by a single program manager located in Mondeville, whether it is an exclusively French or international production.

Operational effectiveness

Since the creation of the group, Robert Bosch has always placed operational excellence at the heart of his goals. Guaranteeing your satisfaction and the compliance with your requirements for the products and services delivered remains our priority today. To achieve this, we rely on a precise and rigorous organization described through the “Bosch Production System”.

Our markets

The Internet of Things has profoundly revolutionized uses in all fields of activity, from mobility to consumer goods, techniques for energy and buildings, as well as medical and aerospace. Thanks to the complementarity of our production sites and our experience as an OEM, we bring you in addition to a complete subcontracting offer an enlightened vision
of your markets.

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