AXI 3D: A technological response to new industrial challenges for the IoT market

By Ludovic DRUGEOT
Ludovic Drugeot is in charge of the industrialisation and testing department at the Bosch industrial plant in Mondeville. He is in charge of testing and control technologies within production.

22 billion : this is the number of connected products currently in service around the world. It should reach 50 billion by 2030. These new uses and the growth of the IoT market represent a challenge for manufacturers. They must constantly adapt their means of production and testing in order to meet these new requirements.

These communicating products are integrating more and more different radiofrequency signals (Sigfox, LoRa, wifi, BLE,…). These are on ever smaller PCBs associated with an ever greater density of electronic components. This concentrate of technologies inevitably increases the complexity of routing as well as the manufacture and control of PCBa. The coverage of tests taking a preponderant place in the product quality must also be rethought.

Bosch Mondeville, innovation partner in the EMS sector, implements high-performance technological equipment such as AXI3D within its production in order to meet these new challenges and optimize test coverage.

AXI 3D : a new generation control tool

The AXI 3D is a powerful and intuitive in-line x-ray inspection machine that easily identifies solder quality defects.

Its high inspection depth, guaranteed by 3D XM or 8M sensor technology, offers an analysis quality incomparable with 2D technology.

AXI 3D : a key element in building test coverage

The design constraints imposed by these ever more innovative connected products require manufacturers to rethink their process. They set up control and test tools with real added value in the development of an optimized Test Coverage Analysis.

AXI3D is a control tool, coupled with component, process traceability and other AOI means used upstream (SPI, AOI2D). It contributes to improve the test coverage rate from the CMS phase as well as the quality and the rate of good products on the first pass to the functional test (FPY).

Its configurable interface and rapid learning phase allow us to develop processes faster and achieve the level of quality expected by our customers while reducing our internal fault costs. These are all essential assets in the product launch phase, where every day counts before marketing.

AXI 3D : feedback

“AXI 3D is a real technological leap from previous versions of AXI 2D. We are very proud to be one of the first factories in the group to have this type of equipment. It allows developers to free themselves from certain constraints. Those of design, cycle time optimisation, by allowing simultaneous analysis of the two sides of reflections and compensates for the phenomenon of warpage (deformation of the circuit) in order to guarantee reliability of irreproachable analysis. », testifies our process referent. He adds: “The software that drives this machine is very intuitive and makes it accessible to everyone, from specialist to production staff. The views known as “slices” are very appreciated by all to carry out a complete and fast analysis”.

AXI3D is therefore a tool that is very useful for the DfX service that we offer and more particularly in the analysis of DfT. It is adding to the means made available to you during the industrialization of your products and contributes to meet your requirements.

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