Direct contact with manufacturers : a considerable advantage

Kaerenne CADET
By Kaerenne CADET
A graduate of the EDC Paris, Kaerenne Cadet is head of the purchasing group for Bosch Mondeville. Specialised in the field of electronic sub-contracting for 13 years, her expertise mainly covers negotiations with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of electronic components.

The Bosch Group has buying power with a local team of project buyers supported by a global organisation. Our dedicated purchasing team for Mondeville’s EMS activity provides a sourcing service according to your needs. Thus, we offer the necessary agility for a tailor-made response for each client (BOM costing in less than 10 days and respect of time-to-market).

Our customers benefit not only from our strike force, but also from our centralised organisation for the various Bosch Group sites.

We manage more than 5 billion electronic components with a panel of 4,600 suppliers supported by 4,300 central employees. You can thus benefit from the effect of purchasing on a massive scale. And also from the reliability of the sources, both in terms of quality and in terms of logistics and economy.

How does Bosch Mondeville satisfy its customers?

Working directly with the manufacturers allows us to guarantee a better availability of the components in the allocation time and to benefit from a logistic organisation in order to deliver our customers on time.

Mondeville’s project buyers have access to technology watch tools in order to better understand market trends from a technical, financial and supply chain point of view.

“Expert” project buyers

At Bosch, each project buyer has expertise in a particular area. He is an expert in a group of materials, such as semiconductors, printed circuits, or parts made to plan (plastics, sheet metal, foundry). These local experts are supported by a global database that allows for a classification of suppliers.

Mondeville’s project purchasing teams are close to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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