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Improving competitiveness and business model change : « Manufacturing as a service Â»

Industry 4.0

After mechanization, electrification and more recently automation, industry today is experiencing its fourth great revolution with the rising of the connected factory.

Called “Industry 4.0” by Germans, it embodies a new generation of smart factories, in which people, machines and products interact. Driven by the collection of data, communication between machines, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, the industry of the future is a real response to the production’s relocation and the challenges of tomorrow.

Bosch : Industry 4.0 leader

True to its motto “technologies for life”, the Bosch group strategy is to be both user and supplier of solutions for Industry 4.0. To achieve this goal, we divided our digital transformation into three stages: by adopting a bottom up approach, hundreds of use cases were first developed in all sectors of the plant in order to respond to local issues. This enabled us to cross-use the best pilot projects across the entire value chain, to finally standardize the most efficient 4.0 tools and deploy them through our international production network.

Since 2013, we have developed more than 3,000 i4.0 projects around severals themes such as production management, predictive maintenance or even inventory management. Bosch is therefore positioned as a leader in the industry of the future with more than a billion generated in sales and more than 270 production plants deploying its solutions.

Bosch Mondeville: the birth of a new
Business Model

The rise of the industry of the future has allowed Bosch Mondeville to reinvent itself. Early on, we saw the growth opportunity presented by the Internet of Things. Historically specialized in the production of large series (over 500,000 units on an annual average), we had to adapt our production tools to penetrate this new market. In 2012, an industrial think tank involving our 500 employees was set up to build a 4.0 roadmap and build a new vision for the plant.

Two strategic axes then emerged : rethinking our business model and designing Manufacturing as a Service and reboosting the Made In France industry by focusing on high added value activities. To achieve this, Bosch Mondeville has made an investment of more than 10 million euros in its digital transformation, turning our plant into a genuine I4.0 showcase.

Agility and competitiveness

Thanks to the investments made, we are now able to offer our customers a tailor-made production to meet the requirements and the evolution of their markets. The introduction of new digital tools gives us great flexibility and allows us to manufacture both small series and large volumes with highly customized designs for niche markets. We provide our customers with a complete solution and give them the opportunity to focus solely on their core business through a single subcontractor for all of their product references, regardless of volume differences.

If we have convinced many customers to relocate their production in France, it is simply because it is no longer necessary to produce very large volumes to achieve profitability. Industry 4.0 improves productivity and also helps with lower costs by allowing operators to focus exclusively on value-added tasks. This way, we have improved the competitiveness of our customers by approximately 30% by offering them full traceability, quality close to 0 ppm and securing their production.

Examples of deployed solutions

Pocket PC

The Pocket PC is an internal solution developed by Bosch Mondeville, intended for controlling maintenance operations in real time. Its system makes it possible to make production declarations and generates alerts in the event of line stoppages. Its intuitive use generates significant substantial gains: our plant has observed a 10% reduction in stock variances and a 20% improvement of good products on the first try.


The APAS Assistant is an intelligent collaborative robotics system for direct collaboration. Thought and developed by Bosch, it is a tool at the cutting edge of technology, safe and without contact with the operators. Covered with a skin of extremely sensitive sensors, the system responds when an employee approaches and stops immediately before any contact. He does not resume his task until the person has been removed from his neighborhood. Depending on the need, it can be used as a mobile assistance system on simple, monotonous or repetitive tasks, or as a safe autonomous productive tool among machines.

Predictive maintenance

The use of predictive maintenance to react before failure has enabled Bosch Mondeville to achieve significant improvements. The plant's synthetic rate of return increased from 77.9% in 2012 to 83.9% in 2016.

Thanks to I4.0 solutions developed in-house such as XDK, a platform combining a variety of MEMS sensors (acceleration, rotation rate, magnetic field, humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, ambient volume, digital light sensor), it is now easy to collect, process and transfer data to transform your production into a Smart Factory.


Internal logistics at Bosch Mondeville is a set of key operations that take place throughout the flow of raw materials until finished products. In order to improve these flows, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) form a new stage in Industry 4.0.

The deployment of these robots is managed by the logistics teams and makes the distribution of components more reliable in order to improve efficiency. Robotization is used here to reduce non-value added travel times between storage of components and production lines. Thanks to these new technologies, logistics operations become more efficient and increase the productivity of our site.

Active Cockpit

At Bosch Mondeville, daily check-ups for production teams are no longer done in front of obsolete paper boards. These have been replaced by the ActiveCockpit, a connected touchscreen developed by Bosch.

The Active Cockpit allows us to view and process production data in real time. It also supports computer applications such as quality data management sofwares or electronic messages. Productivity is then increased through continuous process improvement and time savings thanks to eliminating manual data collection and analysis.

The hazards detected by the machines automatically generate incident reports to be processed by our teams during daily meetings on the Active Cockpit.

The Active Cockpit contributes to the reduction of paper in the factory and to the transparency of information: it is more reliable as it comes directly from the machines. This innovative screen improves cooperation between teams and decompartmentalization between functional silos, like production and maintenance.

Mat Label

The MAT Label allows us to ensure a complete traceability, from our suppliers to our production lines. Similar to a datamatrix, it stores a set of data, such as the quantity of PCBs and the date of their manufacture. It is used in logistics to stock and destock components, before being transferred to MES in order to ensure traceability in production. At any time, each unit can be scanned by various terminals indicating place of storage or theoretical use, according to the central computer. The MAT label was adopted by almost all of our suppliers, but in the event that one of them is missing, we can create them ourselves with the SCAN STATION machine.

On a 100 million euros inventory of electronic components, the annual inventory variances are only around 2000 euros, thanks to the MAT LABEL and the teams that use them.

Artificial intelligence

By 2025, all Bosch electronic products will be equipped with artificial intelligence or will be produced and developed using artificial intelligence. We see in it an enormous potential for innovation in all of our activities, whether it is in development, production or logistics. We are continuing to develop the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, which is our own competence center for AI research. As a company that provides innovative technologies, we intend to occupy a leading position around these methods.

Visit our factory

As shown with the award “Factory of the Year 2017” or the “Showcase of Industry of the Future” label, Bosch Mondeville is now considered one of the most connected factories in France. In order to share our know-how, we are opening our doors to French manufacturers wishing to achieve a digital transformation while following the best practices of the sector.

It is also an opportunity for professionals looking for an EMS partner to discover our production tool and our processes, in order to obtain a clear vision of what we are able to offer. During these I4.0 tours, many use cases are introduced, with a focus on benefits regarding quality, costs and deadlines.

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