How can I geolocate my delivery in real time?

Arnold Daignère holds a doctorate in physical sciences and is an engineer for Bosch Mondeville specialising in industrialisation and electronic manufacturing. His expertise mainly covers the fields of engineering, failure mode and effects analysis and criticality (FMECA), quality management, product development, research and development (R&D) and semiconductors.

Today, geolocation solutions are proving to be a real innovation for transport companies and their customers… But in an international context, time management can be difficult and the data processed sometimes remains imprecise.

Is there a low cost solution to geolocate your delivery in real time?

Tracking the arrival of your merchandise live? This is now possible. Today, geolocation solutions are a real revolution for transport companies: route optimization, real-time location, fleet management with significant savings.

These solutions are mainly based on the installation of GPS beacons in the vehicle associated with sensors and business software. A recording of environmental data (temperatures, vibrations) adds an additional service for the carrier and the customer. Tracking your transport seems easy… but what about “my” merchandise, “my” container, “my” pallet? When will my delivery arrive?

In an international context with multiple changes of carriers and the long wait that this can cause, the data can sometimes be laconic or even incomplete. Is there a lower cost solution available? Yes there is !

Les sociétés de transport solution de géolocalisation

A solution adapted to your needs

At Bosch Mondeville, we can respond quickly to this use case thanks to the technological brick we have developed. We have worked on optimizing radio performance and consumption for such a scenario, while reducing costs: no GPS beacon and no expensive subscription backed by SIM cards. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes, it easily fits in your merchandise. Mobile, it is not limited by the problem of roaming.

The combination of several factors makes this innovative approach possible: the use of communications networks dedicated to IoT (Sigfox and / or LoRa) already adopted by several companies, a high-performance radio antenna and an optimized algorithm.

Does this issue speak to you? Let’s build a solution for your needs together!

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