Rely on a strong partner to ensure your upscaling.

From your idea to mass production, choose the simplicity of a one-stop-shop offer and entrust your project to a single partner.

A full range of services

Bosch Mondeville is a key player in the electronic manufacturing services sector in France and lead plant of an international manufacturing network. Our plant meets the manufacturing needs of SMEs by accelerating their scale-up, as well as mid-size companies and large groups. Thanks to a successfully digitalized production tool and the know-how of the Bosch group spread over 4 international EMS production sites, we support our customers from small to large series in the automotive, industrial, health, aerospace sectors and high-end electronics. Thanks to the trust placed by energy and e-health leaders, our plant is now establishing itself as a reference partner for high-mix and low-volume production with a wide variety of products in small and personalized quantities.

Regional approach

We support you where your markets are by staying close to your decision-making center and optimizing costs. Bosch Mondeville works closely with you on the design, industrialization and ramp-up stages in order to gain responsiveness and to ease start-up and scale-up.

Wherever your customers are, production is done close to them, in France or internationally, in our manufacturing plants located on the world’s major geographic areas. The transfer is managed by Bosch Mondeville, which manages, through close collaboration with your teams, the scheduled deployment in other plants to address local markets.


Our engineering department supports you in the specification phase in order to refine your needs and offer you the best solution for your project.

By integrating all the constraints related to industrialization from the design stage and by offering you a pre-qualified technological brick, your time-to-market is considerably reduced.

From the selection of components to the testing and certification phases, our engineers handle electronic, software and mechanical development with an APQP approach.

Purchasing & Supply Chain

Our EMS project buyers located in Mondeville rely on the strength of the group (more than 5 billion euros) to make you benefit from the massification effect.
This way, they offer you the guarantee of robustness and reliability of the sources in terms of quality, logistics and economics.Our team relies on a global logistics organization and provides you with an offer tailored to your needs: just-in-time, end-user delivery, logistics platform and real-time inventory monitoring.


Bosch integrates all the industrial constraints of manufacturing and testing right from the design stages by offering a DfX (Design for eXcellence) service.
Thanks to an efficient production tool, our project teams industrialize complex products and processes in record time to meet your time-to-market requirements.

Thanks to our expertise as EMS, we have all the skills to study, develop and carry out functional tests and automated lines with a level of complexity and traceability adapted to your needs.


Bosch Mondeville ensures the manufacture of your electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies, from small to large series, by guaranteeing you total traceability (components, process and process parameters) throughout the value chain.

Thanks to our modern production tools and our operational excellence, we provide you a tailor-made solution that will allow you to meet your cost, quality and deadline goals.

Our production lines dedicated to the manufacture of your products integrate functional test benches with cutting-edge technologies that meet industrial requirements for reliability and performance.