Successful industrialization

Multi-sector industrial expertise, easy scaling up, proximity, rapid deployment.

A privileged interlocutor

At Bosch Mondeville, you benefit from a single point of contact, whose role is to coordinate industrialization activities (products and processes) during the project phase and to manage the deployment of tools and manufacturing processes on every plants of the EMS business unit.

You benefit from structural savings thanks to this organization allowing you to address a single program manager with a complete view of all multi-site activities (processing of ECRs, data consolidation, etc.).

Level of automation and tailor-made traceability

  1. Creation of nomenclatures, production ranges and specific tools
  2. Design of islands or complete assembly lines
  3. Creation of machine programs
  4. Study and realization of functional test means
  5. Production of prototypes and first validation series (NPI dedicated organization)

Means of control and tests process

  • 3D SPI optical inspection
  • Post-reflow 2D AOI inspection
  • Post-reflow 3D AOI
  • X-ray inspection (AXI, Stand alone, 2D, 3D)
  • Data I / O programming
  • In situ test (ICT and Flying probes)

Functional test means

  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic benches
  • RF test, acoustic test, leak test, temperature test, high voltage test, web service tool
  • Functional test islands

Design For Excellence approach

Our Design for Excellence approach aims to create synergies between product development and process development, in order to reduce costs and time-to-market.

Design for Manufacturing

Improvement of the PCBa manufacturability and consideration of process constraints during product’s design

Design for Cost

Optimization of components choices

Design for Testability

Analysis of test coverage and optimization of coverage rate

Design for Assembly

Optimization of the mechanical design to take into account process constraints