A cutting-edge production tool to address all types of technologies and volumes.

Manufacture of assemblies and sub-assemblies electronics from small to large series


  •   Full MES traceability (component - finished product - process)
  •     Unique MAT label tracking ag
  •     Washing, automatic varnishing
  •     Epoxy removal
  •     Lead / lead-free soldering
  •     0201, 01005, pitch 0.4, μBGA
  •     VQFN, relay

Our resources

4 production plants

15 SMD production lines

4 billion components deposited every year

Maximum line speed at 250K cpt / h

Real time monitoring

Assembly and final assembly

Lines thought and designed according to your cost, quality and product design objectives.


  • Platinum separation
  •     Pressfit
  •     Screwing
  •     Resistance / laser welding
  •     Sealing deposit

4 production plants

Scalable lines

Collaborative robots

Different levels of automation

30 production lines

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