Purchasing and Supply chain

Benefit from the purchasing power of the Bosch Group and its global logistics organization.

A local project buyer team supported by a global organization

A dedicated purchasing team for Mondeville’s EMS activity provides you with a complete sourcing service according to your needs. This way, we offer the needed agility for a tailor-made response to each customer (BOM costing in less than 10 days and respect time-to-market).

Our local experts in purchasing electronic and electromechanical components, PCBs and mechanical parts have access to the suppliers portfolio referenced by our group and deal directly with manufacturers of electronic components.

This way, you can benefit from the massification effect of purchases and the robustness guarantee and reliability of sources, in terms of quality, logistics and economics.

Key figures


Purchase of electronic components



Worldwide Supply Chain

The EMS BU relies on the global supply chain of the Bosch group in order to optimize flows according to production plants, product life cycles and on the main principles of the group that have shaped our success.

TCO Performance

We achieve common profitability objectives with our partners

Optimization of working capital

We adapt our material deliveries as accurately as possible to act on the working capital

Responsiveness and flexibility

We deliver on time, thanks to competitive, agile supply chains and superior quality


We aspire to a supply chain that contributes to a sustainable future