La vision d'une ville connecté par Bosch

Our markets

The Internet Of Thing: a revolution

The Internet of Things has profoundly revolutionized uses in all fields of activity, from mobility to consumer goods, techniques for energy and buildings, including medical and aerospace. For more than ten years, we have been learning additional skills in the areas of software development and product interconnection for IoT development. We now have all the necessary resources to support our customers and integrate connectivity into their products.


For more than a century, no automobile has been built without at least one Bosch equipment. As a recognized innovation partner of automotive manufacturers, Bosch plays a crucial role in the development of reliable high performance systems for the next generation of intelligent, electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.

Thanks to the Group's historical know-how and a fault rate of less than 1 PPM, Bosch EMS is the expert in manufacturing your on-board electronic cards with unprecedented levels of quality and safety.

We support your production from medium to very large series with our complementary factories based in Romania, India and Mexico and we support you from the development to the after-sales of your project.


"Technology for Life": Bosch has worked for more than 130 years to live up to this standard by improving the diagnosis and treatment of people who are ill, as well as making life easier for healthcare professionals. Because the medical sector is one of the most rigorous sectors, we ensure you the quality, processes and traceability of a "zero defect" policy.

Our local development team based at Bosch Mondeville helps you meet new challenges in connected health, such as cybersecurity, miniaturization, design and user experience of your products. Thanks to our lines dedicated to in-house prototyping and additive manufacturing, our engineers provide you with rapid modeling in order to meet your time-to-market goals. Our unique Program Manager supports you at each stage of the life cycle of your project, from development to after-sales service, including the manufacture of electronic boards and the assembly of your finished products.


50 billion (source: Capgemini - 2017) : this is the number of devices connected to the World Wide Web in 2020. The Internet of Things is changing the industry as we know it and is already generating more than 600 billion euros in turnover. As a market leader in Smart Factory and a pioneer in Industry 4.0, our mission at Bosch EMS is to ensure that your digital innovations do not come up against the perplexity and various apprehensions of your end customers. This is why our company is developing innovative solutions to allow your machines to communicate and interact within secured ecosystems. The Bosch Group has deployed the Bosch IoT Cloud in 2016 to provide you with optimal security and trust.

We support the development of telecommunications networks and 5G by providing essential technical solutions, circulation and sharing of data. We already have expertise in the assembly, manufacture and testing of this equipment for major market players. In synergy with the Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions division, our engineers are able to integrate and miniaturize a multitude of functions in your products thanks to MEMS sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature sensors and brightness) to meet your specifications. From medium to large series, we provide you with all of our industrial skills in robotics, logistics, M2M and HMI with reliable, flexible and competitive connected solutions.

Energy and networks

The Internet of Things has opened up new possibilities to make buildings and transportation safer, smarter, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

The energy sector is transforming with the emergence of electric and connected mobility, smart home and the Building Intelligence Model made possible through the collection and analysis of data in real time.

Bosch EMS develops with you tomorrow’s energy and connected grids by building with you the tools you need to collect data on drilling, renewable energy conversion or electric mobility activities.

Aeronautics, security and space

Bosch EMS is expanding its electronics subcontracting offering to the aerospace, aerospace and security markets to meet volume growth. Thanks to a quality culture inspired by the automotive sector based on the control of manufacturing processes and continuous improvement, you benefit from the highest level of reliability for products required to operate in extreme conditions.

Entrust us with the manufacture of your electronic boards and sub-assemblies intended for aircraft or ground equipment equipment that are increasingly intelligent and connected. Our production sites master a full range of assembly processes as well as a wide range of tests in accordance with your specifications and industry standards.