High speed testing : Why ?

By Ludovic DRUGEOT
Ludovic Drugeot is in charge of the industrialisation and testing department at the Bosch industrial plant in Mondeville. He is in charge of testing and control technologies within production.

On a daily basis, testing, control and test coverage are the main missions of our team. The team interacts with our suppliers (mechanical integrator, software platform, measurement equipment distributor) and internally to find the best solution for you.

The challenge of high-speed testing

The customer need is the input. In the logic of lean manufacturing, it is necessary to know the cycle time of customer requests (Takt Time) and to set up a production tool that will be able to respond to them, and therefore the test processes as well. This is why, for so-called mass or high volume production (more than one million parts per year), there will be a need for high speed or even very high speed testing (<<5 sec). The objective is twofold : to obtain the best test coverage (TCA) in order to secure production and guarantee customer satisfaction, but also to achieve the cycle time objective in order to allow the expected deliveries.

Standards for test optimisation

As always, it is important to find the optimum balance between the economic aspect and the quality objective. For this, we have various solutions at our disposal. The ultimate solution is of course to duplicate the equipment, but this is only a last resort.

An alternative that we prefer is to set up a parallel test. The aim is to be able to test several products at the same time with shared resources. We have applications, for example, where we trigger 12 test sequences in parallel.

These tests have several advantages :

–  Maintaining high test coverage without compromise

–  Reduced investment required

–  Contained or even reduced test cost due to low cycle time

–  Ability to keep pace with or increase customer requirements

We have a long history at the Mondeville site and therefore a great deal of experience with high-speed testing (< 15 seconds), which is part of our DNA. We will be able to discuss with you to define the necessary environment (mechanical and electronic design, product software, etc.) for high-speed testing.

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