How is an eco-responsible supply chain organized?

By Laurent TUFFIER
A graduate of the IAE Caen School of Management in Operations Management, Laurent Tuffier is the Supply-Chain Director of Bosch Mondeville. He has been leading a team of purchasing and supply chain specialists in the field of electronic sub-contracting for over 20 years.

Supply chain management involves 3 flows: the physical flow (transport of materials), the information flow and the financial flow. These 3 flows are intimately linked and interact. It is therefore essential to have a global view.

Bosch Mondeville’s Supply-Chain department is in charge of purchasing dedicated to the EMS activity, planning, procurement and physical logistics. Physical logistics itself covers the entire “Source/Make/Deliver” process.

From the reception of materials to the dispatch of finished products, including storage management, internal distribution, packaging management, transport and customs. A close relationship with the finance and accounting department allows us to handle the interaction with the financial flow.

An integrated purchasing department

Bosch Mondeville has a dedicated purchasing team. This department is autonomous to manage sourcing operations at the request of EMS customers by meeting the specific objectives of each project.

This service can benefit from the support of the central purchasing organization and the resulting massification effect. In particular, it may be possible to benefit from the contractual conditions between the major suppliers and the Bosch Group.

Digitalization of logistics

For several years, the logistics department of Bosch Mondeville has been supporting a proactive policy of digitalization of operations. A department is dedicated to the piloting and introduction of innovative digital solutions. There is artificial intelligence in planning and supply operations, or for supply chain risk management.

This transformation is all the more necessary in the current crisis context, as it requires the simultaneous handling of a growing number of hazards and the anticipation of risks. Several solutions are already active, such as automated receiving (ALPE-SCAN project), assisted production scheduling (NIV+/ProCon projects), dynamic management of stocks and material flows (Melodia), stocks connected in real time to the supplier (Smart-Bins), the logistics train tour driven by need (Smart Milk-Run) or robotized distribution on demand (AGV).

We apply principles of good management. We act responsibly in the interest of society, both economically and environmentally.

An eco-responsible logistic

Environmental and social responsibility is one of the Bosch Group’s core values. Our logistics department has developed a concept of external logistics loops (external milk run) with the participation of researchers, logistics professionals and the iAE in Caen. This concept is based on the massification of road transport needs (shipping and receiving) according to the full truck load principle.

This massification concerns all transport to 3 main hubs (Stuttgart, Lyon and Milan). This represents 80% of our incoming and outgoing flows.

When the finished products are shipped, the load is automatically completed with empty packaging consigned by our suppliers. Once the truck arrives at its destination, it delivers the products and distributes the empty crates to our suppliers. Then it collects the parts and components to be delivered. Then, the truck is completed on the return journey by the empty returnable packaging of our customers in these areas. This principle has enabled us to save 20% on transport costs. But also to reduce CO² emissions by almost 28%.

The concept of this external milk run consists of a succession of short loops. The trailer stops only long enough to be uncoupled and re-coupled to a new tractor. This has resulted in a time saving of about 40% on a Caen-Stuttgart journey. The driver then takes another trailer that arrives in the other direction to return to his point of departure. In terms of social responsibility, this allows the driver to be at home every day.

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