How to manage an efficient production?

Graduated from an engineering school. Céline has been with the Bosch group for 25 years, including 4 years in technical sales in Paris, then 21 years at Bosch Mondeville as a customer quality engineer. She has also worked in various methods positions (technical and industrialization), then quality and production manager for the last 2 years.

Bosch Mondeville addresses all types of technologies and volumes. Thanks to our skills, we can manufacture electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies, from small to large series. The resources, skills and organisation that Bosch Mondeville deploys are focused on a single objective: your satisfaction. Our international footprint is an example of the support and proximity we provide to our customers.

In addition, our 6 CMS production lines, with 4 billion components deposited per year, position us as a major EMS partner. But how do we organise our production?

Our production lines

Our lines are studied and designed according to the customer’s cost, quality and product design objectives. The organisation of a production line is established according to the customer’s request, i.e. according to the complexity of the product, the requested volumes, the life span of the product, as well as its weight.

For example, in the case of a heavy or bulky product, we use robots or conveyors on the production line to carry out all handling operations. If the product is small, we can still assist the operator with a collaborative robot.

The degree of automation of our lines will depend on the volumes ordered by the customer and the quality contracting. Indeed, it is a balance that has to be found when choosing the line design.

Depending on the product concept, Bosch Mondeville implements appropriate technologies. For example, small components require precise dispensing machines. We have boards that are increasingly flexible, thinner and which require adaptations to our means of production.

The organisation of automatic lines

Our insertion lines are fully automated and have standard manufacturing processes, that is identical from one line to the next. This allows us to respond to increases in customer quantities by switching production to a second additional line that is identical in terms of process and therefore quality.

The design of our lines is efficient and allows us to meet the different requirements of our customers. They are dedicated by product type and are product specific. Our aim is always to adapt our line openings to meet the variation in customer orders.

We also adjust our production organisation via the number of operators in line with a standardised work breakdown. This allows us to manufacture smaller volumes on an existing line, with a smaller workforce.

Bosch Mondeville adapts the work and the number of operators according to the quantities requested by the customer. This meets the flexibility demanded by our customers in electronic subcontracting.

Outage management

When a failure occurs on a machine, an automatic system reports the time of the failure and the downtime. This system also tells us the intervention time for diagnosis and repair. Our production has real-time monitoring to visualise our line stoppages with an automatic feedback system within the hierarchy.

Bosch Mondeville can respond to any type of requirement thanks to these flexible and efficient lines. Do you have a project and would you like to discuss how we can support you?

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