How to optimise the design of your product?

By Ludovic DRUGEOT
Ludovic Drugeot is in charge of the industrialisation and testing department at the Bosch industrial plant in Mondeville. He is in charge of testing and control technologies within production.

The means to achieve good TCA

In order to establish a good TCA, it is necessary to have the right equipment. To this end, we have a catalogue of equipment for carrying out different tests/controls: SPI, optical control, ICT, leak test, flying probe, functional test, acoustic test…

This catalogue is constantly being enriched thanks to our proactive investment policy, which is strongly oriented towards new technologies.

For example, we have implemented the new online AXI 3D technology, a first in the Bosch Group, which allows us to increase our test coverage, in other words, we will come and look for defects where others will be unable to do so.

Another example is the use of Boundary Scan technology. This method makes it possible to search for new fault patterns while limiting the impact on the design.

Making the best use of its equipment

It is also important to find the optimum among the available equipment on the basis of this catalogue. Indeed, depending on the failure modes, it is possible to reduce the number of test processes to be implemented by avoiding redundancy but still offering the best possible coverage.

To sum up, it is necessary to find a clever balance, as for a good cooking recipe, between the means to be used and the constraints on the design, while at the same time being as efficient as possible in the test. And to do this, the ingenuity and creativity of our teams have all their place.

New solutions to improve TCA

The advent of Big Data or Artificial Intelligence is beginning to make new solutions available, such as predictive testing. In principle, this consists of virtually anticipating a test result based on available data. The goal is always the same, to reduce the means to be implemented, not to constrain the design and to be efficient in the test.

Each product must have its own solution. And this solution must be lively and thus adapt to the circumstances (design evolution, quality incidents…).

Bosch Mondeville’s investment policy towards new technologies gives Bosch Mondeville certain advantages. The site can more easily adapt to design constraints by equipping itself with new, ever more efficient machines.

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