Quality according to the principles of the Bosch Production System

By Francis BETMONT
Diplomé Ingénieur de Production option mécanique, Francis Betmont est aujourd'hui coordinateur du system de production Bosch (BPS) sur le site de Mondeville depuis 10 ans. Il participe à la mise en œuvre du system de production (BPS) depuis 2003. Il nous apporte son expertise industriel et automobile.

The Bosch Production System is a set of principles integrated in our 4 manufacturing sites. These principles aim at adopting a lean organisation model. This model is part of a logic of continuous improvement. It generates only added value and does not create waste. Recognised and proven, our production system stands out from the others, particularly by its social dimension. Indeed, employees are placed at the heart of the system, which makes it as unique as it is efficient.

In order to continuously improve the system, several structured methods are applied. Bosch has therefore implemented an efficient workflow.

A workflow efficient

Since 1886, Robert Bosch has always placed the quality of his products as a fundamental value. Guaranteeing customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements for the products and services delivered remains our priority today.

Thanks to data mining, information circulates in real time. This allows us to be more responsive and agile. Firstly, when there is a problem, we meet in workshops to define the issues. Then we define the priorities for continuous improvement. Finally, we solve the most important problems first. To achieve this, a structured organisation has been in place for several years. Our operators are trained in a step-by-step approach to gain skills. Thus, training the operators will allow them to requalify and to be in continuous improvement.

A production system in continuous improvement

We are aware that the success of a company doesn’t depend on the performance of a particular service but on the whole of them. Bosch has created the Bosch Production System to approach and manage processes holistically by considering the entire value flow.

In order to continuously improve production flows, we have adopted the Shopfloor Management approach. Combined with powerful 4.0 tools such as the Active Cockpit, this method allows us to manage the entire workshop. But also to eliminate bottlenecks.

As mentioned above, Bosch puts the human element first. All operators can make proposals for improving the system. Once a proposal is made, the operator submits a request for proposals to his manager and waits for it to be validated.  We develop continuously and in a targeted way. Finally, we have 8 BPS principles.

Our 8 principles Bosch Production system

The eight BPS principles form the basis for design cooperation. But also the sustainable elimination of waste and the fulfilment of the agile ordering process. After all, we only produce and supply what the customer wants. We develop and optimise our processes with an overview. We avoid errors by means of preventive measures in order to deliver flawless products to the customer.

Bosch Mondeville adapts its products and services quickly and efficiently to customer requirements. We standardise our processes and implement the best solutions. Our procedures are self-explanatory and straightforward; deviations from the target situation are immediately apparent. In addition, we know our tasks, competencies and responsibilities. We therefore implement them actively and independently.

Bosch Production system is self-learning. Our results are proof of the efficiency of this production system. Our performance indicators have a service rate of 100%. As well as a defect rate of less than 1 PPM in the automotive business.
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