Respond to the challenges of the customer relationship / electronic manufacturing services

Céline Brémaud holds a master's degree in business and project management and is Key Account & Program Manager for Bosch Mondeville. Specialised in the field of electronic subcontracting for 14 years, her expertise mainly covers the management of international key accounts and the management of international programmes (R&D, Industrialisation, mass production launches, monitoring & negotiation of modifications...).

Customers don’t judge you on your efforts, they judge you on what you deliver them”, said Steve Jobs.

And he was right, especially in the field of electronic manufacturing services. Being our customers EMS partner means that their success depends partly on ours. Whether it is the design, industrialization or manufacture of electronic cards, mastery and monitoring of the triptych of quality, cost and deadlines is a central issue. Changes in specifications are recurrent and agility and time-to-market are key factors of success. Being responsive is therefore essential.

Growing, structuring and defining standards is an important and difficult step for a SME. Benefiting from tailor-made support and creating a strong and trusting relationship therefore are essential components to guarantee the success of its scale up.

In response to these challenges, we have chosen proximity. By creating a project team led by a unique program manager who becomes the privileged interlocutor of our client, we become a true extension of his team and anchor our commitment to his success.

Control and follow the triptych of quality, cost and deadlines easily

A true vector of communication, the program manager guarantees customer satisfaction and has a 360 ° view of the activities. This allows him to guarantee and increase the efficiency of multidisciplinary project teams. As a spokesperson for his client within Bosch Mondeville, he ensures that schedules are respected, costs are maintained and that quality expectations are taken into account. He is able to address all financial, commercial, logistics, production and quality issues. He provides his client with controlled progress of all of his activities. By having a single point of contact for every topics, exchanges are simple and efficient, saving precious time.

Thanks to this holistic approach and his project team, the program manager easily identifies risks. He anticipates them in order to offer optimal solutions to his client. However, its role does not stop at the simple reporting of activities. The program manager also aims to help his clients develop their business.

Helping you developing your business

On the operational side, he forwards any suggestions from business experts that would optimize costs (component equivalents, process modifications, logistics solutions, etc.). He constantly drives the search for productivity gains (purchasing, production, logistics, etc.), enabling his customers to improve their operating margins.

As a true partner, he is also the one who takes charge of new RFQ in order to capitalize on his perfect knowledge of his clients and their environment. The trust and the good understanding of the context allow him to formulate rapid responses in line with customer expectations.

Thanks to our experience as an OEM and to the diversity of the Group activities, we can offer more than a response to a specification. We share our market vision with them and work together to identify synergies between our activities.

Finally, the role of the program manager does not stop at the day-to-day management of activities, but also includes the sustainability of relationships.

Anticipate your future needs

Engaging with an electronic subcontractor is a real strategic choice. Starting a relationship with a new partner often represents a lot of work, mobilizing many resources for our clients. They therefore rely on the durability of the relationship. Anticipating their future needs then becomes one of our priorities. By listening to them, the program manager establishes connections between different levels of the organization to give them a voice so they can share their expectations, both on the organizational and technical level. By understanding and anticipating the challenges of tomorrow’s electronics, we are now preparing the success of their future projects.

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