Bosch Mondeville, more than a subcontractor: an extension of your team

Benefit from a single point of contact for your project, a flexible local team and the power of an international group.

Achieve your goals

Secure your supplies

Controlling the supply chain is a key factor in securing supplies. Thanks to the power of the group’s global logistics and purchasing organization, our teams are committed to just-in-time delivery.

The close relationship that we maintain with manufacturers and our suppliers is also a major asset to guarantee a constant access to components and to manage their obsolescence. Our solidity and our financial independence guarantee our ability to support and carry long projects.

Our high-performance industrial tool and our standards allow rapid start-up and deployment of production to all the plants of the EMS business unit, in order to guarantee the proper management of your project.

Accelerate your scale up

Relying on a robust industrial partner is a security guarantee for many. Choosing a solid partner like Bosch is a real asset for gaining the trust of your customers and partners and accelerating your development. Also, thanks to a global offer and a local-for-local approach, we support you in your strategic orientations and provide you with a reliable industrial tool, allowing you to achieve your ambitions and increase your market share.

This way, you can reach the European market as easily as the international one, thanks to an increase in capacity (via our other production sites) managed by Bosch Mondeville, who remains your point of contact. Thus, you are as close as possible to our industrialization and design teams, which allows you to easily introduce changes or new products. We then take care of transferring them to our international sites. You then benefit from a unique partner, close to you, for whom you become a priority.

Relocate your production

Bosch Mondeville’s know-how has enabled several customers to relocate their production in France. To face the competitiveness of low-cost countries, we provide you with our skills in product / process industrialization and redesign in order to optimize the manufacturability of your products and their cost.

By drastically reducing cycle times, relying on a production tool at the cutting edge of technology and a solid industrial organization, Bosch Mondeville offers a unique know-how in France to access a local mass production.

Rely on a solid organization
to manage your project

Thanks to its great support capacity and its project-oriented organization, Bosch Mondeville is an ideal partner to manage complex projects and to ensure their success. By trusting us with your project, you are assured that we will implement all the necessary resources (human, economic and material ) to guarantee its success.

Benefit from a total cost approach (TCO)

Having a global approach to costs is the secret of the Bosch Group’s success. We consider your projects as a whole and it is this holistic approach that allows us to achieve excellence.

By adopting a Design For Excellence strategy from the design phase of your products, we integrate all the constraints, whether they are related to the products or to the process, in order to anticipate those related to mass production and optimize costs and time. Excellence also comes through the choice of components: by trusting us with this responsibility, you benefit from Bosch approved components and the purchasing power of the Group.

The reliability of the products we deliver is one of the keys to this success. Our globally recognized level of quality gives you the assurance that a delivered product is a quality product. When you reach for Bosch Mondeville, you access a global production capacity, bringing you simplicity in management and structural savings.

Customer testimonial

Ledger is a French company specialized in computer programming and crypto-currency security, founded in 2011 by Eric Larchevêque and Thomas France. It launched its first digital wallet “Ledger Nano” in 2014 and is now showing a double-digit growth. In order to market their products, the creators initially chose to entrust their productions to China. However, several reasons led them to question their industrial strategy.

For Ledger, only one solution existed to overcome these problems: relocate the production to France. The founders started searching for a new electronic subcontractor, with a strong indutrialization capacity and local industrial power to allow them to supply the market and succeed their scaling up.

Bosch Mondeville quickly stood out thanks to two main assets: its ability to industrialize with a very short time-to-market and to manufacture large volumes in France. Once the collaboration was sealed, co-development redesign work began in order to facilitate and accelerate industrialization product and process. Thanks to this cooperation and the closeness of our teams, we have enabled Ledger to successfully scale up and focus on its business, its customers and its growth.

Julien Juan, COO of Ledger, is pleased to state that : “Bosch guaranteed an on-time SOP with a large-scale industrialization scenario. The productions and the ramp-up were carried out on time ”.

Your project team

Committed for your satisfaction

Achieving your goals is at the heart of our concerns. We have built our organization to surround you with a project team whose objectives are yours.

Short recursion loops, privileged intermediary and proximity are all elements making possible a close collaboration. More than a subcontractor, Bosch Mondeville is a true partner and our 500 employees an extension of your team.

A single point of contact

During our entire collaboration, you are supported by a single program manager located in Mondeville.

Internally, he carries your voice and ensures transversal monitoring of all activities (delivery, quality, logistics, etc.). Externally, he is your privileged point of contact on all of these topics. In order to have a 360 ° vision of these activities, the program manager relies on a project team made with one referent per area (purchasing, industrialization, quality, etc.), allowing him to have a perfect control over the quality, cost and time triptych. Thanks to this organization, communication is fluid and your requirements relayed in real time to each department.

Managing your international project

Whether it is an exclusively French production or distributed between our international plants, your Bosch Mondeville program manager remains your privileged contact. Our plant is registered as the competence center of our global EMS business unit and coordinates all relations with our other manufacturing plants.

Bosch competence network :
international project accelerator

Bosch processes are under the responsibility of experts present in every plants of our Automotive Electronics division.

Their mission is to ensure the drafting, improvement and implementation of manufacturing guidelines for their respective processes.

The benefits of this uniformity are the guarantee of the same manufacturing methods from one plant to another, the access to the knowledge base of the entire group, and a rapid response to manufacturing issues or requests.

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