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Welcome to the Bosch group

Invented for life

The Robert Bosch Foundation

The company was founded by Robert Bosch in 1886 in Stuttgart. Unlike many companies of its size,
Robert Bosch GmbH is not listed on the stock exchange. The capital of Robert Bosch GmbH is 92% owned by the foundation of public utility Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH and the voting rights are mainly exercised by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG which acts as a sponsor. The remaining shares are held by the Bosch family and the company Robert Bosch GmbH.
Thanks to this legal structure, the independence of the Bosch Group is guaranteed and allows us to plan for the long term and to invest in public utility projects for the future.

Robert Bosch

Never forget your humanity and respect human dignity in all your dealings with others.

Robert Bosch, 1920

Our values

Our values ​​reflect the way we run our business, whether it’s our relationships
with our partners or our strategic decisions. Faithful to Robert Bosch’s vision,
people remain at the heart of all of our orientations.

Orientation towards the future and profitability

We operate with a view to profitability to ensure our success and to create the basis for the public utility projects of the company and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Sense of responsibility and sustainability

We apply principles of good management and act responsibly towards the interests of the society, both economically and environmentally.

Initiatives and determination

We take initiatives and act with an entrepreneurial and responsible spirit. We are determined in our approach to achieve our goals.

Openness and trust

We communicate quickly and openly on important business issues and thus create the basis for cooperation based on trust.


We regard loyalty as a condition of our success when negotiating with our economic partners and our employees.

Reliability, credibility, legality

We apply principles of good management and act responsibly in the interests of the society, both economically and environmentally.


We are proud of diversity and see it as a strength and a condition of our success.

Our activities

For over 125 years, the name “Bosch” has been associated with innovative technologies
and revolutionary inventions that have made history. Our group is a global provider of technologies and services and our activities are divided into four areas:

Industrial techniques

Industrial techniques

Interconnected machines, self-checking systems and innovative packaging technologies: on the field of industrial technologies, we are always one step ahead. When using MEMS sensors and other Bosch solutions, you expand the possibilities of Industry 4.0 and achieve a greater efficiency and sustainability in your production.

Mobility solutions

Mobility solutions

As the world's largest independent automotive supplier, we help drive safer, cleaner and more fuel-efficient driving. Imagine automotive technologies with us and influence the development of self-driving cars as well as hardware and software solutions, to create an efficient network of communication and charging infrastructure for electromobility.

Consumer goods

Consumer goods

Bosch has a long history of offering a wide variety of power tools and household appliances. Together, we take them to the next level: by interconnecting our products, we allow consumers to control their homes, even when they are on the move, we increase safety, energy efficiency and everyday comfort.

Techniques for energies and buildings

Techniques for energies and buildings

Our Security Systems division offers innovative solutions and products for video surveillance, intrusion and fire detection systems, voice alarms, remote access control and building management, as well as professionals audio and conference systems. Bosch is also present in some countries with the Integrator Business operational unit (installation activity), which offers solutions and services around building safety, energy efficiency and automation. The new Bosch Global Service Solutions division goal is to expand the activity previously established within Security Systems to external sales departments. Within Bosch, this division also acts as a provider for shared services functions. The Bosch Thermotechnology division provides heating products and solutions for the production of hot water with high energy efficiency and increasingly connectable. The new Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH subsidiary offers a bundle of products and services around the connected home.

As a leading company in the Internet of Things (IoT), we provide innovative solutions for homes
and smart cities, mobility and connected industry. The Group uses its expertise in sensors,
software, services and its own Cloud to provide its customers cross-domain solutions connected from a single source.

Key figures

With a workforce of around 400,000 employees worldwide as of 12/31/2019,
we achieved in 2019 a 77.7 billion turnover.

Social and Environmental Policy

Health, safety and environment aspects are a priority for the Bosch group and this concern positions us as a globally recognized committed actor in the industry sector. We work on a daily basis in order to reduce the risks in terms of health, safety and security for our employees, protect the environment, manage our energies properly and prevent pollution.

We are committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent traumas and pathologies related to our activity and we work sustainably to achieve the zero incidents goal in the automotive sector.

We are also strengthening our “Quality of Life at Work” approach by preventing the appearance of psychosocial risks. We are strengthening our approach to protect the environment and the biodiversity and we aim for a “100% recovery” treatment of our waste.

We are constantly seeking to improve our energy performance by purchasing and implementing less energy-consuming solutions, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

Carbon neutrality

From 2020, Bosch will be a carbon neutral company: all 400 Bosch plants around the world, from engineering and production to administration, will no longer leave any CO₂ footprint.

To do so, Bosch is committed with implementing numerous means and exploring all technological avenues: improving the energy efficiency of factories, transforming buildings, purchasing short-term green electricity and compensating for residual CO₂ emissions by planting trees. Bosch will thereby be the first large industrial company to achieve such an ambitious goal.

100% recovery

Our activity generates waste and that is why we carry out regular actions with our service providers in order to use the best recycling techniques.

The Bosch group aims to achieve 0% landfill left for future generations and 100% recovered waste. In 2019, Bosch Mondeville was able to transform 48 tons of waste into new material or energy recovery. Although there is not yet a technology to reprocess all types of waste, we remain attentive to technologic progresses and hope to significantly increase this share of recycling in the coming years.

Engineering at the heart of the challenges

Our engineers involved in the development of our EMS activity are now aware of eco-design approaches through the Life Cycle Analysis.

LCA modelizes flows with potential environmental impacts using mathematical models and makes it possible to measure the quantifiable effects of products or services on the environment.

In the automotive equipment sector, Bosch is developing innovations for electromobility and the use of energies of the future.

Our aim is to support automakers in their efforts in order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles.

This means more transparency for the consumer and consistency fighting global warming.

This is a real revolution led by Bosch for several years with multiple actions and a 360 ° vision of our Group.

Bosch in France

Our activities

The Bosch Group has been present in France since 1899 and opened its first production plant abroad in the city of Paris in 1905.

Because all of the Group’s activities are now represented in France, Bosch is aware of its responsibility
as the leading private German industrial employer in France.

Between 2018 and 2019, the company invested nearly 120 million euros in its French plants, which shows our commitment to the French industrial transformation. These investments allow, among other things, the modernization of its production sites and building equipment, such as at the Group’s French headquarters in Saint-Ouen.

Industrial techniques

Solutions for mobility

Consumer goods

Energy and buildings

Key figures

With a workforce of around 6,600 people spread over 23 sites, Bosch reported 2019 sales of 3.2 billion euros. With innovation always at the heart of our activities, we have ten research centers which employ more than 800 Research & Development engineers.