Our business unit Bosch EMS

An international organization for a local-for-local electronic manufacturing offer.

Our worldwide footprint

Bosch EMS has an international production and logistics network to provide you with the best support for the penetration of your markets. Our four electronics production plants around the world work in a uniform way using the same standardized Bosch processes.

Bosch EMS - Footprint mondial

Bosch Mondeville

of the EMS unit

In order to be as close as possible to local demand, the coordination and management of projects are located on our Mondeville site. With 50 years of experience in electronics, our site offers you optimal customer satisfaction thanks to simple project management, a single point of contact and a project team made up of recognized business references.

A true center of expertise, Bosch Mondeville provides you with a complete service offering, from development to delivery, including design and industrialization activities, in order to ensure an efficient supply chain and growth to match. of your ambitions.

Our history

50 years of experience in electronics

50 ans d’expérience dans l’éléctronique


First stone

In order to cope with the development of the television market and limited means of production in Paris region, the Sonormel factory (Norman Electronic Manufacturing Company) was born in Mondeville in 1961. In this factory, large series were produced for several years of television sets from the Grammont or Sonneclair brands.


Blaupunkt era

In 1973, the factory came under the management of Blaupunkt, the car radio subsidiary of Bosch.
There were produced radio receivers for cars and television receivers.


Automotive excellence

In 1991, the Bosch Group took over the factory under its own name and specialized in the manufacture of automotive equipment. Our site therefore supplies the biggest car manufacturers with injection computers, cooling valves, window lift motors, xenon lighting, roof controls, etc.


Leadplant of electronic plants

In 2003, Bosch Mondeville became the pilot for the industrialization of new products for the group’s other electronic sites. Thanks to this status, our site was notably entrusted with the launch of the production of the E-bike motor-battery kit in 2011, which was a real worldwide success story.


Digitalization and diversification towards EMS

Like all manufacturers in the automotive sector in France, Bosch Mondeville was confronted with great challenges after the economic crisis of 2008. These major changes, initiated from 2009, were real assets for Bosch Mondeville in 2014 during the transition of its business model and its diversification towards EMS.

Thanks to the 4.0 tools, the plant is gaining in flexibility and agility, allowing it to move from production only in large series to small personalized series and therefore to respond to new demands
of the market.

Business Unit EMS Bosch Mondeville


Factory of the Year and I4.0 showcase

In 2017, Bosch Mondeville won the “Factory of the Year” title awarded by Usine Nouvelle for its strategic positioning, the efficiency of its production system and its methods for involving teams. Described as a genuine I4.0 showcase, we open our doors to French manufacturers who aim to achieve a successful digital transformation.


A major French EMS player

Bosch Mondeville is now a key player in electronic manufacturing services and is part
of the top 5 French EMS. While automobile production still is a significant part of our activity, our site now meets the manufacturing needs of SMEs by accelerating their scale-up, as well as mid-size companies and large groups.

We support our customers from small to large series in the automotive, industrial,
health, energy, networks and aerospace markets. Through the trust placed by leaders of the
energy and e-health sectors, our site is now establishing itself as a reference partner for producing both electronic cards and complete sets.


Creation of the EMS business unit

Bosch Mondeville’s production capacity expands with the creation of the EMS business unit and the arrival of three manufacturing sites that join our electronics manufacturing network: Bosch Celaya (Mexico), Bosch Bangalore (India) and Bosch Cluj (Romania)..

Our site is registered as the headquarters of this new Bosch entity and continues to operate design, manufacturing and support services for our offer.

A single point of contact, the program manager, coordinates and manages international projects
from Mondeville and guarantees simple project management for our local partners.

Key figures






years of experience in electronics
EMS activities


of turnover


production plants

Our production plants

Bosch plant in Cluj, Romania

  • Employees : 3100
  • Number of CMS lines : 30
  • Production area : 38000 m2
  • Logistics zone delivered : EMEA

Bosch plant in Bangalore, India

  • Employees : 1000
  • Number of CMS lines : 9
  • Production area : 20000 m2
  • Logistics zone delivered : Asia-Pacific

Bosch plant in Celaya, Mexico

  • Employees : 100
  • Number of lines : 5
  • Production area : 24000 m2
  • Logistics zones delivered : North America and Latin America Latine